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Great customer service by pumper and scheduler. Pumper did good, quality work, and clean job (no mess in the street or my property). The price I was given on the concrete and pump was the best around. Will be using Kirkland again and highly recommend them to others.

-Kass 03/20/2018

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This company’s dedication to providing excellent customer service shows in how long they have been in the pumping industry. They are my top recommended concrete pumping company serving the inland empire area. Nice to be able to speak to a live person rather than an answer machine when calling to get quotes. One call to order both pump and ready mix. If you don’t have a contractor no problem, they have been in the industry for many years and are able to make referrals.

-Kyle 03/17/2018

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I have always found Kirkland Pumping to do excellent work and I know of a number of friends who feel the same. I don’t know what the negative reviewer is talking about unless he got him confused with someone else. I have recommended this company to others and would be sure to use them again.

-Elver Mendenhall 03/17/2018

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This company is the best. Both in prices and service. I will use them again. The pumper was clean and courteous and helpful on the job.

-F Curinga- Harris 03/17/2018

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Interactions with dispatcher and pumper have been consistently pleasant. Pumper has been reliable and attention to detail is evident in the end product.!

-John Franks 03/16/2018

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Paul Kirkland Pumping is a total professional, i personally have worked with him since 1984, he has been completely reliable. We have used him for literally hundreds of residential, commercial, and government projects. His wife, Brenda Kirkland, is the most professional person i have dealt with, in regards with taking, and handling all concrete and pump orders. I have been in the concrete business for over 35 years. !!! Paul & Brenda, keep up the great work!!!

-Gilbert Aguilera 03/17/2018

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Excellent service and great pricing on pump and concrete!

-anonymous, 08/09/2012

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Kirkland has excellent customer service. It was easy to schedule both the concrete I needed and the pump. The pumper, Paul, did a fantastic job! I would use this company again and highly recommend.

-Guest91879, 08/08/2011

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I was given a great price along with good customer service. I was able to place an order for both the pump and concrete which saved me time and money. I would definitely recommend and will be using again.

-Guest87835, 05/14/2010

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Paul came out to my property to pump concrete and did an outstanding job. Good guy I highly recommend this company. 5 star rating here for Paul Great job!

-pearl, 05/05/2010

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This company made my job as a finisher a lot easier. Odering pump and concrete with one phone call was great! His discount on the concrete beats every other company. His experience on laying down the concrete and keeping the walls clean was a blessing! Will definitely use this company again.!!!

– 12/01/2015 Paul K

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Kirkland Pumping gave me a not only a great price on the pump but on the concrete too. They did an excellent and clean job pumping the driveway at my home. I am very pleased with thier work and I plan on using them again to do addition pumping job at my home. I definitely recommend them to my friends who need concrete pumping work done at their homes.

– 09/28/2017 K G.

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